Ozobot Evo robot Entry Kit

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Ozobot Evo is a small and smart robot with Bluetooth support that can be programmed as easily as drawing with a marker. The new Ozobot Evo starter kit includes a small Ozobot educational robot and a set of accessories for use at school and at home. The set is suitable for all students from kindergarten to high school. With a diameter of only 2.54 cm, Ozobot is one of the smallest programmable robots in the world. Using Ozobot Evo, children will learn how to program simple actions such as colour recognition, making sounds and drawing lines. The Ozobot Evo robot has built-in speakers and the kit comes with colour markers. Code Ozobot Evo educational robot two ways: online with Ozobot Blockly and screen-free with Color Code markers. ▪ Ozobot Blockly offers a simple block-based programming interface with a Python editor, and you can change the level of complexity from beginner to master. ▪ Color Codes teach basic CS skills, critical thinking, and code debugging using color-coded markers. Evo is a pocket-sized robot packed with tech, including: ▪ Bluetooth Low Energy (9 meter range) ▪ Proximity sensors* ▪ Optical sensors* ▪ LED lights* ▪ Built-in speaker* ▪ Strong polycarbonate shell ▪ New feature firmware updates ▪ Rechargeable LiPo battery (60 min. charge time, more than 60min play time) * Program these Evo features and more with Ozobot Blockly! Evo box includes: ▪ 1 Ozobot Evo Robot, white ▪ 1 Charging Cable ▪ 4 Color Code Markers ▪ Get Started Activities ▪ 1 Protective Zip Case Recommended Devices: Teacher/parent devices – Ozobot Classroom, Ozobot’s STEAM learning management system, supports computers with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, including: ▪ Chromebook (Chrome OS mid-2015 or later) ▪ Apple Mac (macOS 10.11 or later) ▪ Windows 10 (mid-2015 or later) Student devices – For coding with Ozobot Blockly, students can use computers (recommended, for Bluetooth loading) or tablets (excluding mini tablets). The following devices work best with Ozobot Blockly: ▪ Chromebook (Chrome OS mid-2015 or later) ▪ Apple Mac (macOS 10.11 or later) ▪ Windows 10 (mid-2015 or later) ▪ iOS tablets (2015 or later) ▪ Android tablets (2017 or later)

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