Ravensburger Board Game Paw Patrol Dominoes

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The box contains: 32 domino cards Play dominoes with great Paw Patrol characters! The aim of the game is to correctly place the cards next to each other. The winner is the one who has placed all his domino cards on the table first. The cards are placed face down on the table and shuffled. The domino cards are dealt according to the number of players: • For 2 players, 8 cards each • For 3 players, 6 cards each • 4 cards each for 4, 5 and 7 players NB! The player does not show his cards to others! The remaining cards are placed face down on the stack table. The youngest player starts the game and places a domino card in the center of the table. If possible, a card with a similar image on both sides. The game moves clockwise. Each subsequent player places an identical card at either end of the row of cards. If there is no card with a matching image, a new card is taken from the stack on the table. If it suits, it is placed on the table, if not, it is taken and the turn of the game passes to the next player. The domino card placed on the table must always match the card at the end of the row. The player who is the first to put all his cards on the table is the winner. If none of the players can place any more cards on the table, the game is over and the winner is the player with the fewest cards in hand.

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