TTS Bee-Bot & Blue-Bot 6 Pack

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Produkta kods: IT01243B
Ražotājs: TTS

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This pack includes a docking station for the 6 bots, securing them and allowing safe storage. Blue-Bot® is our first ever bluetooth enabled floor robot, allowing you to control the bot with your tablet or PC. Blue-Bot® has a clear shell so children can see the components inside and can be also rechargeable so you don't need to worry about replacing costly batteries. Bee-Bot 2.0 or Blue-Bot 2.0 robots can now recognize each other and say hello, or play a recorded audio clip. In addition, the robot has a larger memory capacity, allowing to store up to 200 consecutive commands. Bee-Bot has 7 controls. The forward and backward buttons command the honey bee to move exactly 15 cm forward or backward, the right and left buttons command it to turn 90 degrees according to the direction of the arrow, the pause button lets the robot wait for one second, the X button clears the robot's memory of previous commands. In order to start the entered orders, i.e. the program, the GO button must be pressed. The Mesimumm robot is wireless and runs on a battery for 1.5 to 6 hours under normal conditions, depending on the activity of use. The set includes 5 Bee-Bots, 1 Blue-Bot robot and a charging base.

Izmēri 45*32,3*22,3
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Svars 3.46