Ozobot Bit+ robot Entry Kit

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Ozobot Bit+ Entry Kit is an excellent STEAM teaching aid, representing the shortest and most fun way to real programming and robotics. It is a new generation of Ozobots, successor of the Ozobot Bit 2.0, which is a little bit smarter. The revolutionary new feature of this little robot is quick and easy programming using the OzoBlockly block editor, which can be opened in any web browser. Another way to program Bit+ (Bit Plus) is to draw colour-coded lines with markers on paper. Paths full of intersections and turns, Ozobot will pass as you decide using ozocodes - sequences of colours that Bit+ reads with its sensors. Even in the app, Ozobot is at home. Place it on the tablet screen and solve logical tasks, program a choreography to your favourite song or play games with friends. Bring coding and creativity into your home or school with Ozobot Bit+ Entry kits and learn to code in two ways: online with Ozobot Blockly and screen-free with Color Code markers. ▪ Ozobot Blockly offers a simple block-based programming interface with a Python editor, and you can change the level of complexity from beginner to master. ▪ Color Codes teach basic CS skills, critical thinking, and code debugging using color-coded markers. Ozobot has enormous potential as an aid to kindergarten and both elementary education and university students. It is excellent for explaining mathematics, programming, robotics and computer science. Bit+ specifications: ▪ 3 x longer battery life than Ozobot Bit 2.0 ▪ Improved LEDs ▪ Reinforced polycarbonate shell ▪ Optical sensors for line tracking and colour code recognition ▪ Arduino™ compatible ▪ Connectivity: Ozobot Blockly (via USB) ▪ Rechargeable LiPo battery Bit+ starter kit box includes: ▪ 1 Ozobot Bit+ robot ▪ 1 power cable ▪ 4 colour-coded markers ▪ 1 starter activity booklet ▪ 1 protective zipped case

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